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Founded in 1987, Mayfield Consulting provides a wide range of marketing and sales related consulting services to companies or divisions that sell business to business.

MC also provides consulting services to investment groups for marketing due diligence, acquisition analysis or working with portfolio companies to increase revenue.

Mayfield Consulting strives:
To provide the highest quality advice, counsel and marketing services – our years of experience with companies such as IBM, GTE, Price Waterhouse, Arthur D. Little, Inc., First Union and Vision Cable Communications, Inc., allow us to understand the high standards required and then exceed them
To generate measurable results that focus efforts on increasing our clients' revenues and profits and provide qualified prospects that can be closed.
To base our recommendations and/or prospects on current market data, analysis and our extensive business expertise, allowing our clients to make quick, "smart" business decisions
To be responsive to our clients - to listen and react immediately when clients need our expertise or assistance

Our clients are typically divisions or companies that are $15-400 million in sales, even though start up and Fortune 500 companies have sought our advice.  Approximately 80% of our revenue comes from previous clients or personal referrals from satisfied clients.  We also have successfully generated new business for our clients using Mayfield Consulting’s Business Development System.


Mayfield Consulting - Sales Consulting & Business Development Services

"I get the same quality that I would if hiring name brand consultants without paying exorbitant fees…and those consultants never send Mr. Peat, Ms. Marwick or Mr. McKinsey to see me. Anne Mayfield's personal involvement guarantees the quality of the project."

L. Boesger - Retired President, Fypon



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