Because Knowledge is Power

We routinely perform confidential, unbiased due diligence of the Investment Thesis prior to investment, and/or help portfolio companies meet and exceed their stretch revenue goals post investment. Our business acquisition due diligence process is based on years of experience in business acquisition support.
"This is amazing and extremely detailed. I can’t believe you got the customers to elaborate on so many topics of interest for us. This is incredibly helpful for our goals moving forward.” – Due Diligence Client

Conducting due diligence prior to investment

If you need insightful feedback regarding:

  • Strength and stability of customer base or distribution channels
  • Viability of the revenue growth strategy
  • Target markets or channels of future interest
  • "Sink or Swim" industry trends

Our in-depth interviewing technique can help you discover:

  • Why customers are satisfied or not
  • Why they would refer your target investment to a colleague or friend or not
  • Motivating factors – allowing you to extrapolate from small samples
  • Concerns about delivery, customer service, price or product safety
  • Who they consider to be competition and strengths and weaknesses of each
  • How they like to hear or learn about this product or service
"Great work by you and the entire Mayfield team." - Senior VP, Strategy and Corporate Development
We appreciate that due diligence is time critical. And we deliver. That's why private equity or searcher clients come back to us, time and again.
"This is AMAZING results. Thank you!" - Searcher

Post-investment due diligence

When you need help with:

  • Assessing a portfolio company's sales effectiveness
  • Developing a B2B Sales and Marketing strategy
  • Reorienting the selling process or resources
  • Testing out new revenue strategies or channels
"The insights Anne and her team uncovered went far deeper than what I had learned from the seller and my own customer interviews. I was able to get a true understanding of the target company's pricing power and competitive positioning. Mayfield was an invaluable partner during due diligence and I would strongly recommend any investor engage them early in diligence." - Searcher

"Anne is our preferred consultant for conducting customer surveys prior to acquisitions. Her insights are crucial in shaping our investment strategies. I am confident that she can offer significant assistance in your project as well." - Managing Partner, Searcher

Come for the customer due diligence, stay for the sales, marketing and public relations implementation. Contact us Today.

Mayfield Consulting’s team has hundreds of combined years of experience in sales and marketing, providing market research, business due diligence, sales, marketing and PR strategy and implementation. All services are performed by seasoned professionals, on an affordable, a la carte menu to business-to-business companies. Mayfield has special expertise in software, security, business services, financial services, and classic manufacturing industries. With a tagline of “Where Results Happen,” Mayfield Consulting has clients that have been named 11 times in the last eleven years to the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies, won more than 70 awards, and experienced exponential growth.