Pinpointing the voice of the customer

Have attrition rates mysteriously risen? Or are you observing new industry trends or competition? A good Voice of the Customer (VOC) study can inform your next move.
"You can never know enough about customers, and you shouldn’t trust what people say customers think.”
- CEO (five appearances on Inc. Fastest Growing List)

Identifying the voice of the prospect

Deliberating a new market, or does your sales department insist an existing vertical is saturated, when you know you’re still well below target? A Voice of the Prospect marketing research study can not only inform, but typically produces actionable leads.

Market research with in-depth interviewing

Our market research relies on experienced professionals conducting in-depth interviewing of your customers. Our surveys are designed to ask open-ended questions, so your customers can expand their thoughts and concerns as they wish, allowing you to get the “why” behind their decision-making.

Both our Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Prospect market research studies:

  • Allow for small samples, since you gain quantitative and qualitative feedback
  • Provide insight that you can apply to high dollar, high risk investments
  • Use interviewers that are personable, seasoned business professionals, capable of maintaining an intelligent conversation with a CEO

Our small samples use in depth qualitative responses in combination with quantitative statistics to enable confident decision making.

sample data report

We can also draw on a larger sample with internet-based surveys when you have multiple segments that need to be covered.

Our market research is designed with one goal: to help you solidify a smart B2B marketing and sales plan that will get you results.

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