Intentional Revenue Generation

When you need a revenue bump and you’re not sure how to get there, Mayfield Consulting can help. We offer a wide variety of B2B sales strategies, processes and implementation where the challenge is not only identified, but executed for growth. We can advise on strategic selling, B2B sales strategy and planning, and lead generation.
"Thanks to Mayfield Consulting (and lots of hard work), our RMR has grown 50%+ over the past 3 years."
- CEO, Security Firm

Sales enablement

Is your Sales Department complaining about not enough leads? Or too many unqualified leads? We can help identify sales funnel challenges and close the gap between Marketing and Sales. With our broad and deep experience as B2B marketing and sales consultants, we have an edge when troubleshooting sales issues.

Marketing automation

Whether you have a marketing automation platform your staff barely uses, or you haven’t yet taken the plunge, we can help you assess, design and tailor your tools so that your staff not only uses them but comes to rely on them. We offer CRM integration and management as well.

Maximize the power of demand generation. We can help make the process intuitive for your sales reps as well.

B2B lead generation strategies

We don’t just analyze, we implement too. If you’re shorthanded for effective in-house lead generation, our team of experts can assist with cold-calling prospects, “warming” existing prospects, as well as create and implement processes for effective automation.

B2B lead qualification

Maximize your sales’ reps closing time. With a "seat" on your CRM and/or marketing automation systems, we can ensure swift and accurate lead qualification, allowing your reps to focus on what they do best: closing.

Our team has the real-world experience and intuition to support all your sales efforts.