Nurture Your Company Narrative

Your company’s image is everything. And in the digital age, even B2B companies require a concerted, ongoing effort to protect and build that image. We can assist with PR strategy in the areas of:

We can advise on B2B public relations strategies, or we can implement and manage distribution as you need, so your engagement with us matches your budget and available resources.
“We’d never done press releases previously and that’s helping draw more eyes onto us, too. When you search for SQL Server consultants, we show up higher on the list now. There’s a lot of people in this game, so that’s a nice improvement.”
- Founder & Principal Consultant, Hi-Tech Company

Our narrative storytelling technique

Good stories are easy to remember. That’s why we use a Narrative Storytelling Technique in designing your public relations strategy.

In every engagement, we will work with you to identify your positioning, goals and challenges, to create an image of your business. We then utilize this persona to “humanize” your business, so every release, media appearance, or award becomes a chapter in your story, rather than a stand-alone entity.

You are always the protagonist of your story.

By utilizing this PR strategy technique, editors, producers, investors and prospects recall your history more easily, and become emotionally engaged in your success.

Let our team of professionals put your company where it belongs: in the spotlight, looking sharp. Contact us today!
With over 30 years’ experience, Mayfield Consulting provides market research as well as sales, marketing and PR strategy and implementation services performed by seasoned professionals on an affordable, a la carte menu to business-to-business companies. With a tagline of “Where Results Happen”, Mayfield Consulting clients have experienced exponential growth that has lead to them being ranked 8 times to the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in the last nine years. In 2020, Mayfield Consulting was named the Grand Prize Winner for Marketing at the American Business Awards. Read More...