September 18, 2023

Charles Barkley2

Since ChatGPT was introduced last fall by OpenAI, more options have rapidly come to market. Microsoft, in partnership with Open AI, rolled out Bing Chat and Google made Bard available. Promos have started with Charles Barkley getting in on it recently in some pretty funny spots that have Bing Chat trash-talking him.

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing is growing, with utilization from capturing data and data analysis to specialized creative, content, and communication. AI application in the marketing journey is just beginning. Both individuals and businesses are tapping into its power. As with other exciting and powerful new technologies, beyond the allure is the human impact. If trust is the currency of marketers, how do we shape and ensure the ethical use of AI?

Initially, people worried about AI taking over jobs and putting humans out of work. Quickly, we have turned to dreaming up ways to use chatbots to make our work and our lives easier. (Check out Mayfield’s experience here.) Now that we’ve had a chance to experiment, to experience its power and its limitations, we see AI still needs some human interaction to make it really shine. Our colleague, William McKee, Managing Partner at Knowmad Digital Marketing, recently attended MAICON, the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference, in Cleveland. He notes the group’s enthusiasm and direction of AI, but also the thoughtful discussion led by renowned AI Ethicist, Olivia Gambelin, on the human impact. With the flood of new AI tools available, how will you use the technology?
AI ethics and legal concepts artificial intelligence law and online technology of legal regulations Controlling artificial intelligence technology is a high risk.

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