October 8, 2020

As a boutique marketing consultancy, we never anticipated we would ever be considered for a Grand Stevie, let alone beat out multiple digital marketing agencies from NYC to LA.

Why we won over those agencies is a point worth contemplating.

When You’ve Got a Hammer…

Everything looks like a nail, or the so the old saying goes. When it comes to marketing, content creation and distribution may *seem* like the only thing you need to do, perhaps because you have not done much of it while your competitors have. And if you talk to a digital marketing agency, you will find plenty of people to agree with you as they proffer a long-term contract to produce blogs and social media posts.

And there’s a chance that could be true, but for the most part, if you are having revenue issues, content creation and distribution is rarely a complete solution. Mayfield Consulting does not sell you what you presume you need. We take the perspective of a doctor: diagnose the problem before prescribing the medicine.

An Effective Course of Treatment

Your marketing is useful only to the extent it builds brand awareness and adds names to your sales pipeline. So we typically start with market research that provides feedback on:  Medicine, presentation, training concept. Young happy man boy doctor cartoon character showing report for clleagues at meeting. Leading medical lecture or seminar training and healthcare illustration. (Medicine, presentation, training concept. Young h

  • Your vertical markets – how they differ by potential, how they buy, how they communicate and their “Best Customer” profile
  • Customers
  • Prospects
  • Competitors and the market’s perception of them
  • Branding and Messaging

We see what is working and what’s not, fix problems and focus on sales operations before moving on to content creation. Because it is one thing to have a prospect click thru to your website from a witty blog, another to turn them into a customer. For instance, a confusing or uninformative home page can drive a prospect away again in seconds.

We simultaneously work with your sales team and management to ensure they have:

  • A cohesive, efficient, and smooth sales process
  • Prompt delivery of the product or service to further enhance customer satisfaction
  • Sales tools that are cohesive with all messaging and alluring in content
  • A methodology to convert satisfied customers into advocates for your company.

Sales Enablement definition

Best news? We work a la carte through this process instead of demanding a long-term contract. You can pick or choose the services you need, or if you have in-house resources, take the advice and do the work yourself.

We are able to do a limited engagement with clients because we are confident in what we prescribe. Because it has been a full examination and diagnosis. If you take the medicine, you will see results.

A Clean Bill of Health

Why did Mayfield Consulting win the Grand Stevie over those digital marketing agencies? First and foremost because we start with market feedback, are thorough, and consistently drive results:

  • A tech company that doubled in size and profit the first year we worked with them
  • A manufacturing company that achieved 52% higher revenue growth than the industry average
  • Clients with a total of 7 appearances on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in the past eight years.

We highlight success with PR campaigns and business awards to perennially give each company third party validation for their solutions.

Awards work: a client just sent their American Business Award wins to a household brand name company he had been courting. They sent back a verbal commitment within 3 minutes.

Ask Your CEO if Mayfield Consulting Is Right for You

Where Results HappenWhen revenue is not making plan, it is always worth getting a specialist’s diagnosis. Whether you contact us, or another firm, always make sure you get an up-to-date examination of your customers and prospects and what is working in your organization and what is not, before you head to a digital marketing agency and pick up some over-the-counter advice.

Interested in learning more about how awards or other marketing services can help your company? Contact us.


With over 30 years’ experience, Mayfield Consulting provides market research as well as sales, marketing and PR strategy and implementation services performed by seasoned professionals on an affordable, a la carte menu to business-to-business companies. With a tagline of “Where Results Happen”, Mayfield Consulting clients have experienced exponential growth that has lead to them being ranked 8 times to the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in the last nine years. In 2020, Mayfield Consulting was named the Grand Prize Winner for Marketing at the American Business Awards. Read More...