Can You Hear Me Now?
A supplier of non-stop computer hardware was targeting the Telecommunications Industry with a new product. Their goal was to convert multiple telecom companies who’d never been customers. To ensure success, they’d invested heavily in a campaign “giveaway” that included a USB drive containing all their marketing information. But they still were concerned about getting the desired result.


After cleaning up their list — adding and deleting companies — we performed quick calls to all target companies, to determine the right individual to receive the gift. The campaign was launched.

We cultivated the customer’s interest and subsequently performed longer interviews after the gift had arrived, to gauge their level of interest. While break even on this marketing campaign was evaluated at only 2 accounts, we quickly garnered eight leads, four of which were hot enough to immediately hand over to their own sales force to close.


The campaign, the product, and their investment in our expertise have all come to be regarded as great successes at the company.