From Flat Line to Full Swing

A contract manufacturer that produced sheet metal parts and plastics suffered from flat-lining profits. The PE investor demanded increased revenue, but the manufacturer’s existing markets — lawnmower, automotive, etc. — could not support that kind of growth. The investor proposed selling to high tech, but where in high tech?

Market Research

We investigated about 15 markets within the Information Systems, Computer and Telecommunications Industries and identified fits in several segments.

Sales Strategy

We developed a “Best Customer Profile”, researched and recommended target segments of the high tech industry that fit that profile, selected accounts and implemented a sales prospecting system, developed and analyzed acquisition candidates, set up ongoing customer feedback on production performance.


We used our powerful telephone and market research resources to:
  • Perform prospecting — cold call and lead qualification and continuous warming
  • Investigate acquisitions
  • Assist acquisitions with refining their selling and quoting systems


Over the 8 years we worked with this company, revenue grew from $50 million to $250 Million. Their acquisitions were successfully completed and large contracts were signed. One account that Mayfield Consulting selected and sold to grew to $50 million and was their largest customer before the Private Equity group sold the company for an excellent ROI.