Healthy Investing
A private equity firm hired Mayfield Consulting to perform a due diligence investigation of a financial services company for the healthcare field to determine:
  • Whether the customer/supplier relationship was sound
  • What would cause an account to switch
  • Future needs for this type of financing
  • Key buying factors and role of IT in the buying decision
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the company and competition
  • Number of suppliers used for all their financing needs and why
  • Any advice for the company
Survey in hand, our investigative interviewers started contacting customers.

Analysis of Market Feedback

We discovered most customers were very satisfied with the company, but thanks to our Conversational Interviewing Technique, we uncovered that the largest account was in the process of reviewing other financing options. We gave our client a “heads up” and discussed the customer’s concerns in-depth. Management and the investor intervened and the account was rescued. Our market feedback also provided excellent details on how the portfolio company on could improve their services and relationship.


The private equity firm decided to cautiously invest, but never forgot Mayfield Consulting’s uncanny insight during the due diligence phase. They returned years later to ask our help with this same portfolio company in a new capacity.